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You can access khzae.net more securely via the following:

s/gopher (SSL + gopher): port 105
HTTPS: port 443

The s/gopher service probably won't work in your average gopher
client, but there's a few ways to get access.

The VF-1 gopher client can be used to connect with its TLS mode:
    $ vf1 --tls khzae.net:105

Or, you can test it with ncat or openssl:

    $ ncat --ssl khzae.net 105

    $ openssl s_client -connect khzae.net:105

To connect with a non-TLS gopher client, you can create an SSL
proxy/tunnel with a program such as stunnel.

For more information about s/gopher and other methods of securing
the gopher protocol, visit the Umbrellix.net gopher:

/ gopher://khzae.net/0/ssl.txt