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xml-validate(1)                    xml-utils                   xml-validate(1)

       xml-validate - Validate XML documents against their schemas

              xml-validate [-s <path>] [-F|-f] [-loqvh?] [<file>...]

       The xml-validate utility validates XML documents, checking whether they
       are valid XML files and if they are valid against a referenced or spec‐
       ified schema.

       -F, --valid-filenames
              List valid files.

       -f, --filenames
              List invalid files.

       -h, -?, --help
              Show help/usage message.

       -l, --list
              Treat input as a list of XML documents names to validate, rather
              than an XML document itself.

       -q, --quiet
              Quiet mode.  The utility will not output anything to  stdout  or
              stderr.  Success/failure will only be indicated through the exit

       -s, --schema <path>
              Validate the XML documents against the specified schema,  rather
              than the one that they reference.

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose  mode.   Success/failure  will be explicitly reported on
              top of any errors.

              Show version information.

              Any number of XML documents to validate.  If none are specified,
              input is read from stdin.

       In addition, the following options allow configuration of the XML pars‐

              Load the external DTD.

       --huge Remove any internal arbitrary parser limits.

       --net  Allow network access to load external DTD and entities.

              Resolve entities.

              Do XInclude processing.

       --xml-catalog <file>
              Use an XML catalog when resolving entities.   Multiple  catalogs
              may be loaded by specifying this option multiple times.

       0      No errors.

       1      Some XML documents are not well-formed or valid.

       2      The number of schemas cached exceeded the available memory.

       3      A specified schema could not be read.

              $ xml-validate doc.xml


                                  2020-07-07                   xml-validate(1)

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